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Botxcoin Copy Trading Platform

Botxcoin's copy trading platform will completely change the copy trading experience without intervention from other parties, where the blockchain will work properly in every activity that occurs from traders to followers. Botxcoin designed a ledger system that will monitor and track trader's trading activities.

Botxcoin Features

Wallet IntegratedYour account is integrated with a wallet, every transaction will be easier to liquidate.
Social NetworkingOff-chain features such as social networking will make this platform even more enjoyable, where traders can have discussions on any available medium.
Risk ScoringEach trader will have a risk score based on his trading history, allowing followers to choose which traders to copy based on their performance and risk profile.
Copy Trading in a New WayMore accessible and safer trading copy with Botxcoin, Platform will start trading automatically against the selected trader.
IncentivesTraders will earn income from every trade copied, building up all other income from their trades.
On-Chain and Cross ChainStarting with off-chain then Botxcoin will carry out copy trading on-chain and in many other chains besides Ethereum.

Botxcoin Roadmap


Launch Botxcoin copytrading platform with top exchanger


Bring more than 100.000 cryptotraders into Botxcoin copytrading platform


Launch Botxcoin platform on Mainnet


Launch Botxcoin exchanger to support Botxcoin copytrading and stock token

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Meet our Team

Started by veterans of crypto technology enthusiasts then run by crypto rockstar and superb engineering team, BOTXCOIN is ready to become the number one blockchain-based crypto copy trading platform globally.